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Carabinieri Brigade Acilia


The project concerned the construction of the Carabinieri Brigade in Acilia, with an annexed building of services, to be carried out within the Acilia Recovery Plan art.11 Law 493/93. The area of ​​the intervention is between Via di Macchia Saponara and Via F.S. Altamura, and borders the municipal school, the sports facilities, and the fuel distributor.

The building intervention concerns only an area equal to 2809 mq, because the remaining areas will be allocated to parking lots (507 square meters) and public green (2374 square meters). An additional 3091 square meters is to be ceded to the Municipality for the construction of a road provided by the Program of Preliminary Intervention, distinguished by the acronym D1.13, of the Urban Recovery Program art.11 L.493/93.

The Brigade will be organized as follows: the basement will be used as a parking lot, basement, archive, warehouse, boiler room and generator; on the ground floor there will be an operating area with offices and maximum security areas; on the second floor will be placed other offices and archives, which will occupy half the floor, while the other half will be used as a logistics area with the cafeteria and meeting room; finally the second floor will be used for 11 rooms, for a useful surface equal to 960 square meters.  The total volume is equal to 2880 square meters.

The building used as service accommodation is spread over three floors, plus the attic and the basement where they will make garage spaces and cellars. The apartments, which have a usable area of ​​about 110 square meters, consist of kitchen, living room, two bathrooms and three bedrooms. The rooms on the ground floor overlook a garden, while those on the first and second floor have large balconies. The building, with a reinforced concrete structure, will have an ocher-colored curtain covering, such as the nearby barracks, with pitched roofs and Roman tiles. The total volume is of 2620 mc.

The total volume that will be built, excluding the basement, is of 5500 mc. The rest of the intervention is dedicated to public green and pedestrian paths with a public parking space on road adjacent to the site, which will be ceded to the Municipality of Acilia for the Acilia Urban Recovery Plan.


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