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Edicomp Industrial Complex

Architectural, Construction

The following project is a structural and architectural renovation where the studio actively participated during the construction works with its enterprise partner.

The project involved a complex and radical transformation of the former Foscama Biomedical pharmaceutical plant into a new printing plant. In order to re-use the spaces located under the shed roofs of the existing structure, where the new tipographic machinery was supposed to be placed (almost 100 meters long, and higher than the height of the present covering sealing lines), it was important to re-design the structural and static scheme of the whole building.

The new design included:

-  Doubling the pillars,

-  Implementation of the foundation buttresses,

- Construction of a crowning and connecting beam of both old and new structural columns to transfer the                     counterweights of the vaults from the 40 plus chains to the pillars.

Once the concrete matured, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Science of Construction of the Engineering faculty of the Sapienza University, the atelier proceeded to the cutting of the 40 plus counterweights chains. This allowed a transfer of all loads to the columns leaving a double height space of about 6 meters at the top of the shed roof (which was necessary to allocate the KBA-C40 tipographic machine).

In the building next to the tipographic plant, new spaces were redesigned with the purpose to house all administrative activities and photocomposition and digital retouching. The atelier took care of both the design and the authorizations as well as the direct realization of the works through its partners.


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