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Villa Circea


This villa is located in the harbor of San Felice, Municipality of Circeo (Latina); 300m from the piers of the port on the slopes of Monte Circeo, and approximately 90km south of Rome, Italy. San Felice offers many wonders of environmental-naturalistic nature; the most important are the cost line with its beautiful beaches, and the National Park of Circeo. It is a perfect scenario to revisit what legend and history left behind; it is believed to be the location where Ulysses met Circe in the Odyssey, and it offers extensive demonstrations and findings of Medieval period that are rich throughout the territory.


The project is a preliminary feasibility study for the complete renovation of a villa built in the 60’s; the studio hypothesizes a re-design in a minimalistic style integrating local architecture and vernacular use of materials along with energy containment systems and solar panels.  

The architectural renovation will maintains the cubature of the pre-existing structure but rearranges spaces creating new forms. Modularity is the key element for the design, a central sector acts as circulation and buffer zone between common areas and sleeping areas. Views are maximized with ribbon windows that extend throughout each space of the house; a system of louvers provides sufficient shade without interrupting the vistas.


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