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Villa in Via Buster Keaton - Rome E.U.R.


This project is a complete renovation of the pre-existing villa in a 42 villas condominium located in the southern hemisphere of Rome; the task of the office was to design all the interior spaces from spatial arrangements to detailed finishes and choice of furniture. The minimalistic approach features the use of three natural materials such as glass, marble, and wood; the combination of the three provides a modern look with a classic home feeling.


Focus was given to the technical part of the design as well; thermal plants were realized along with the electrical, and domotics automation for a smart home.  The hot-cold floor heating system is supported by a solar heating system with a 800 liter boiler and chiller for the production of 12 C cold water for outdoor cooling. The AMX domestic system controls lights, alarms, camera views, TUCC and TV sound from multiple sources in all rooms of the house.

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